Racheal R Suz

Over charged

I have been well over charged for my domain I would like it greatly if someone can please contact me on 047881**** asap to get this issue resolved before I have to further this issue else where
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  • Domain
  • Very poor customer service
  • No way to caontact asap

Preferred solution: Price reduction

map-marker Porter Ranch, California

Deactivated my Business e-mail and domain name

My dissatisfaction with Blue Host is at the highest level of unprofessionalism I have dealt with in 23 years in business and 45 years in the work force. If it were possible, I would give them ZERO Stars. Despite being a customer of Blue Host for only 3 months and paying for 3 Years of Domain Management and Website, they deactivated my account and e-mail service over $24.00 Chargeback. The chargeback was for an unauthorized charge to my credit card that they would not reverse and I disputed with my credit card company under the scam, Security. I won the case with my credit card company and they shut down my domain name without a warning I own the domain name for 23 years and they are just Hosting. and effectively shutting down my business. The impact is immeasurable. I am mostly disgusted as they are powerless to reactivate without the Billing department???If you can believe it. So we sit and spin while they do NOTHING. I will be suing them for however long it takes for them to right this wrong. We cannot even have another host at this point as they HOLD EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO SWITCH!!!And they make that inaccessible. They have been aggravating to no end and no one at the help desk or the supervisors have names as they just mumble in foreign languages. My state of frustration and disappointment is at an all-time high. I am running a multimillion-dollar company and despite the severity of the situation, the company has shown a complete lack of initiative or concern, taking no meaningful action to address the issue at hand. The support team and agents, regrettably, have proven to be utterly inadequate and incompetent in their roles. They demonstrate a disheartening inability to actively listen to customers' concerns or perform their duties with the required level of incompetence. They resort to creating tickets that are addressed at their leisure, with little to no tangible results. It is disheartening to witness such an unprofessional approach to customer support. The consequences of their negligence extend far beyond mere financial losses. I have suffered significant monetary setbacks and detrimental effects on my business. The loss of databases, folders, and emails due to their actions has had an irreversible impact. To exacerbate matters, they refuse to rectify the situation or take responsibility for their actions. It is clear that Bluehost's deliberate actions are causing harm not only to me but also to my business and clientele. The loss of my clients' information is a severe blow, and legal action is going to be taken I can no longer tolerate this situation, as it has had a profoundly negative impact on my business. I deeply regret the detrimental impact this ordeal has had on my business, resulting in substantial financial losses and hampering its growth. In light of these circumstances, I emphatically advise anyone considering their services to steer clear of this company. Their actions have proven to be detrimental, causing significant harm to businesses and individuals alike. Exercise caution and avoid the distressing consequences that working with a predatory company like Blue host. As soon as they reactivate my account, I will be getting out of there as fast as possible. I will be suing them for damages depending on how many days they shut me down. Anyone choosing to work with this company is a damn fool. Including me. NEWSFLASH. As soon as Im reinstated, I will start the ball rolling. Then I will request a refund for the 30 unused months. If they refuse, I will contact my credit card company and they CAN CHARGE THAT BACK TOO. 24 DOLLARS! That they stole from me caused this. Caused severe hardship for me and my customers Stay far away. They are basically criminals and hijack your domain. A customer lost for life.
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User's recommendation: Stay far away.

Natisha Rdq